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Leave out Sarajevo

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Miss Sarajevo & Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna
ACT THREE CLIMAX – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)

The series starts about 1 hour and 12 mins in and ends 10 mins later, at 1 hr. 22 mins. – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)

The act two climax here’s a complete, excruciating motion/suspense/horror series: Lecter’s break out from the Tennessee detention center, essentially the most referenced series of the film. It’s a shocking TWIST within the motion. But it surely’s value noting that the heroine is totally absent from this climax. The impact on her is profound, even though; she was once depending on Lecter to lend a hand her catch Buffalo Invoice. Now that’s not going to occur (the Central Query of the tale is thus spoke back: No.). It’s a whole REVERSAL and large DEFEAT (all is misplaced). Clarice goes to must upward thrust from the ashes of that defeat to seek out Invoice on her personal and save Catherine. – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)

ACT TWO CLIMAX – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)


I’d by no means bounce off a bridge, that’s nuts. – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)

BLUE – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)

SAME LINE: – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)

Let’s check out a personality who’s by no means taken any bodily dangers and notice how this works. The BLUE discussion will point out a line spoken at first of the tale and the ORANGE would be the line against the top or on the finish that marks their trade. – Joe Mantegna (Leave out Sarajevo)



Director: David Oelhoffen, Manufacturing Co: Kirkham/Lewitt [US]

Style: Drama


Joe Mantegna