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Jill Eire

Karski & Jill Ireland

Jill Eire
· Hero/ine is continuously compelled to confront his or her biggest nightmare. – Jill Eire (Karski)

· Is the general struggle. – Jill Eire (Karski)

· Close to the very finish of the tale. – Jill Eire (Karski)

ACT THREE CLIMAX – Jill Eire (Karski)


Let’s do a snappy workout to peer how this works: – Jill Eire (Karski)

Those are stereotypes, nevertheless it’ll provide you with a base upon which to begin as a result of your personality is sure to fall basically into this type of classes. The purpose here’s to spot a determine of speech for every colour. You’ll amplify upon it later, however first… – Jill Eire (Karski)

ORANGE = Possibility Taker – Jill Eire (Karski)

GREEN = All the way down to Earth – Jill Eire (Karski)



Director: Andrea Di Stefano (I), Manufacturing Co: Phiphen Footage [US]

Nation: United States


Jill Eire