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Catherine Reitman
So if the Hero/ine has Refused The Name, the villain, or mentor, or the one who hires or recruits him or her will have to make an Be offering S/he Can’t Refuse. – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)

Within the first act of a tale, as Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler, abridging him, have identified, we ceaselessly come across a Reluctant Hero/ine, who isn’t all that willing to head at the journey of the tale — and someplace within the first act there will probably be a “Hero/ine Refuses the Name” scene. – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)

SEQUENCE ONE CLIMAX – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)

Many tales even have a component that ceaselessly comes within the first, or normally 2nd, collection, about the similar time because the Inciting Incident or Name To Journey: “The Be offering S/he Can’t Refuse.” It’s a proposition — or ceaselessly a danger — that “locks the hero/ine into the tale,” as they prefer to mention in Hollywood. – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)


First off, the voice over (V.O.) – it all – would wish to be eradicated. The screenwriter must to find visible tactics to provide what’s spoken within the voice overs. – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)

If About Schmidt had been written as a spec script geared against a first-sale what can be other about it? Virtually the entirety. – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)

Remember that including a greater steadiness may just a great deal shift the dynamics of the character-driven tale and make it totally other from what you began out with. In different phrases, it’s worthwhile to doubtlessly be having a look at a page-one rewrite. – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)

2) Upload extra plot/exterior stuff and create a greater steadiness between plot/personality, which will increase the opportunity of a spec sale from an aspiring screenwriter. – Catherine Reitman (Fairyland)



Director: Andrew Durham (I), Manufacturing Co: American Zoetrope [US]

Nation: United States

Style: Drama


Catherine Reitman