Diamond Dolls Revue film script by means of Jill Wagner

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Diamond Dolls Revue

Jill Wagner

Diamond Dolls Revue & Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner
· Takes position in a Thematic Location — a metaphorical Fort, incessantly a visible and literal illustration of the Hero/ine’s Largest Nightmare (although it’s a marriage long past unhealthy!). – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)

· Hero/ine is incessantly compelled to confront his or her biggest nightmare. – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)

· Is the general combat. – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)

· Close to the very finish of the tale. – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)


“Oh my God, we’re going to die.” – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)

BLUE – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)

All 4 characters (Blue, Gold, Inexperienced and Orange) are on an aircraft certain for Los Angeles when the flight attendant broadcasts the cockpit’s been taken over by means of terrorists. Right here’s the primary response we’d listen from the 4 characters: – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)

Let’s do a snappy workout to peer how this works: – Jill Wagner (Diamond Dolls Revue)



Director: Laredo Adelante Amorilli, Manufacturing Co: Resolution 3 Productions [GB]

Nation: United States

Style: Musical


Jill Wagner