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George Eads

Axanar & George Eads

George Eads
Smartly, in fact — take a look at books and movies to look how your favourite storytellers do it. – George Eads (Axanar)

So if that is the development we see over and over, how are we able to most likely make it recent? – George Eads (Axanar)

After which, nearly all the time, the hero/ine should move in to the FINAL BATTLE to stand the antagonist on my own, mano a mano. – George Eads (Axanar)

The TEAM BATTLE is most often a large, noisy SETPIECE scene. – George Eads (Axanar)


Bettering those spaces will assist commercialize the hero and considerably build up the opportunity of a sale. – George Eads (Axanar)

In any case, commercialize the hero’s title. Large motion heroes aren’t named Bob. They’re named Axel, Rambo, Bond, Gladiator, and so forth. Sci-Fi heroes have names like Osmosis, Chemo, and so forth. A comedy lead may have a reputation like Joe Filth or Boner. A romance may have a feminine lead with a fantastic title like Rose, June or Summer time. – George Eads (Axanar)

CHARACTER NAME – George Eads (Axanar)


Manufacturing Co: Axanar Productions [US]

Nation: United States

Style: Motion | Journey | Sci-Fi


George Eads